5 Dos and Don'ts For Women on the First Date
Anthony Keyes

Mar 07 2016

5 Dos and Don'ts For Women on the First Date

A first date can be nerve-wracking, even if you’ve been on dozens the past few months. No matter how many you’ve been on, here are some tips to help you navigate that first in-person meet-up.

1.Don’t Bring Up a Past Relationship

While dates and job interviews are different, one rule is the same: don’t talk shit about your previous engagement. No one, man or women, should bring up their ex on a first date. It’s an immediate red flag that you might not be ready to move one yet.


2. Don’t Give Up If There’s Not an Immediate Spark

First dates, are, quite frankly, awkward. Sometimes you’re not going to immediately feel chemistry between the two of you. If that’s the case but everything went well, try a second date, and if at that point you don’t see any sparks, then you can cut loose.


3. Keep Your Drinking In Check

Don’t get plastered on a first date. There’s a variety of reasons (both for safety, and for the general avoidance of sloppiness) but getting tanked on a first meeting is never a good move. Wait a little before you let this guy know just how many tequila shots you can handle.


4. Do A Little Research

Though some people look down on it, Google stalking can be your best friend. If you’re unsure about who you’re meeting, or just want a little bit more background info, doing a quick internet/facebook search can come in handy. Don’t feel wrong about it.

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5. If You’re Not Interested, Don’t Go to Second Location

Most men will plan a date with a second place to go in mind if things are going well. Coffee could turn into a walk around the park, drinks turns into a trip to the museum--whatever. But if you’re really not feeling things, don’t go to the second location. He’ll get the hint, and it’s an easy way for both of you to go on with your day.


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Source: Yourtango.com

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