5 Habits You Need to Drop to Find a Good Match
Anthony Keyes

Jan 11 2016

5 Habits You Need to Drop to Find a Good Match

Ladies, everyone wants it all. No one likes the idea of missing out on an A-plus, magical experience because they chose a lesser option without realizing it. But your desire to never-miss-out can have a negative impact on your dating life. Here are the mistakes you’re making that are killing your chances of meeting your match.

1. Little Fish, Big Pond

This is simple problem of having too many options to choose from. Nowadays it seems like you have an entire city’s worth of eligible bachelors right at your fingertips. Because of that, the urge to wait around for the guy that matches every bullet-point in your head can be overwhelming. But at the end of the day, you’re not going to find someone for you if you don’t start narrowing your options and trying out men who may not have the same love of “Friends” as you do. Related to that…


2. Too Much Romance, Not Enough Realism (one person can’t satisfy all needs)

No matter what you may believe, no one is going to satisfy EVERY one of your needs. More and more men and women keep expecting to find someone who can fill every roll in their life—the person who is lay they’ve ever had, the best conversationalist, the most well-traveled, etc. We get disappointed when someone can’t be everything we want them to be. Nobody’s perfect, and realizing that will keep you from throwing away an A- relationship because you don’t match in every way.


3. Soul Mates Don’t Necessarily make Good House Mates

When you find someone you can truly connect with, it can feel like the most magical thing in the world. But even then, relationships require work, and just because you have the passion for one another may not mean you have the best chances of making it work in the long run. Passion means nothing if you don’t share the same value set, and while he might set your heart beating now, is he the same man who will be able to support you as an equal a year from now?


4. You Need Some Home Improvement

This is a simple point, but an important one. Many people in the dating game think that finding the right person will round out the edges in their life, or they’ll be able to handle some of the worst parts of your personality. But at the end of the day, you need to ask yourself if these problems you’re hoping they’ll fix are things you need to address before you can enter into a healthy relationship.


5. Plan B keeps overshadowing Plan A

In the digital age, exes cast a longer shadow than in our parent’s generation. Once upon a time after a break up there was a chance you’d never see your ex again. Now, though, people linger in some form on your social media accounts like a ghost you just can’t seem to get rid of, there pictures popping up in your feed just after you got them out of your head. If you keep struggling to find a new date, perhaps it’s time for you to block the ex. No, it’s not right, but if thoughts of them keep clouding your dating decision, out of sight, out of mind.


Source: Cosmopolitan

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