5 Important Rules for a One Night Stand (Girls)
Anthony Keyes

Mar 28 2016

5 Important Rules for a One Night Stand (Girls)

Sometimes it’s damn fun to go to bed with someone you just met. However, there’s a bunch of things that can derail the experience. Here’s a few pointers to keep you both having a fun night:

1. Be Honest With Your Expectations

Too many women actually want a boyfriend and are hoping a one-night stand will lead to thought. At the same time, women who want a one-night stand may not fully admit it upfront, and lead a man on by acting like she wants more. Be honest about what you want, it’s better for the both for you.


2. Avoid His Place

This one is more of a safety tip, but as a general rule, if you can do it in your apartment, it’s the smarter decision. In the unlikely even the turns out to be a creep, you want to be on home turf, not in a stranger’s apartment.


3. Feel Free to Try Something New

People usually confess secrets to people they don’t know--know why? Because they don’t have to worry about what a strange will think of them. Have something you’ve been wanting to try but haven’t felt comfortable with before? Bring it up and see if you two can work some non-judgmental magic.

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4. Don’t Feel Weird About Cuddling After

After everything you just did, what’s a little cuddling?


5. Have an Exit Strategy, or a “Get out of my place strategy”

Sometimes people part after breakfast, sometimes after waking, but have an excuse to get your day going easily without making things extra awkward. Conversely, if you actually want to see him again, make sure you let him know.


For even more tips on making an enjoyable one-night stand, check out the article from Cosmo.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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