5 Signs You Might Be Too Comfortable With Each Other
Anthony Keyes

Mar 03 2016

5 Signs You Might Be Too Comfortable With Each Other

In the beginning of a relationship, both people are on their best behaviour. But as things keep going, the guard comes down you we you let the other person know who you actually are. Of course, sometimes we let it down a little too much. If you do any of these things with each other, you two might be a bit too comfortable with one another.

1.Pooping with the Door Open

No. Just...no. And god forbid one of you goes to the bathroom while the other showers. This is way too close.


2. Mutual Grooming

He paints your nails and you shave his chin? The idea could sound cute at first ( at first), but there is nothing to be gained by mutual grooming except flaky polish and and more razorburn.


3. Popping Zits

We’re being kind and not showing you a picture of this. Can you pop the zits off your lovers back without a problem? Either you’re a saint, or horribly desensitized to how gross that is.


4. Finishing Each Other's Sentences...All The Time

Not nearly as gross as most of what’s on this list, but the most annoying for your friends and family. If you two can finish each other's sentences all the time, it’s time to hang out with people separately for a while.


5. Toothbrush Swapping

Sometimes this happens. Sometimes. But all the time? Gross. And yeah, we get that you’re in each others mouths a lot--but usually your tongues aren’t getting far back enough to check each other’s molars.


For even more signs that you’re too close with your partner, check out this article on MTV.

Source: MTV

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