5 Simple Ways to Hit on a Guy In Person
Anthony Keyes

Apr 12 2016

5 Simple Ways to Hit on a Guy In Person

While we’re all about the starting your dating online, sometimes you see a cute guy in a bar and you just want to talk to him now. Here’s how you make that transition work:

1. Approach Him Alone

Unless your friends are looking to meet his friends, make sure you approach solo. It be nerve wracking, but it’ll put him much more at ease than if he also has to deal with your friends while you two are trying to flirt.

Approaching Man

2. Tease Him

Simple and effective. Guys do this all the time towards women, and now you can turn the tables. Poke fun at him a little for something he’s doing or wearing in a playful way to let him know you’re into him.


3. Ask Him a Silly Question to Break the Ice

“Stallone or Schwarzenegger?” That's a freebie for you. It may sound silly, but you're sure to get his attention. Use a simple question you two can jokingly argue about for bonus points.


4. Make Sure You Touch Him

If pull at his shirt, rub his arm, or do anything sort of physical contact to him that isn't necessary, he'll definitely get the picture.

Touch Him

5. Leave

If you're looking for a number or a date, don't hang around. Make up a reason why you have to go, and let him ask for your number and initiate the next meet-up. You'll be happy, trust us.

Look Back

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Source: The Frisky

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