5 Things For Men To Keep in Mind on the First Date
Anthony Keyes

Mar 10 2016

5 Things For Men To Keep in Mind on the First Date

The first date can be nerve-wracking for both parties, but rarely do we talk as much about what men should expect when they walk into that bar/coffeeshop/edm festival for the first time. Here’s a few things you should keep in mind when you finally meet in person.

1. Move Things into the Real World Quick

While dating apps are great for initial chatter, don’t spend a lot of time chatting without meeting up. You don’t really know who you’re talking to until you’ve met in person, and to be frank, women can get bored quickly of text messages where you never put forth a meet-up/a date idea. Move with purpose.

Whistle Up

2. On the Date, be Ready for Her to be a Bit More Guarded than You

A large amount of dating tips out there for women revolve around personal safety--and for good reason. With that in mind, even if you wouldn’t harm a fly, remember she’s going to be trying to tell if your someone she can let her guard down around. Don’t be surprised if things are a little rocky in the beginning--she needs to know you’re not some psychopath.


3. Be Alert for Red Flag Questions

Asking about money a little too early? Interrogating you about your ex? Can’t stop talking about hers? Those are red flags you should pay attention to. Though they like to admit it less often, men are just as likely to ignore warning signs as women. If you get the feeling that something’s off with your date and what she wants, pay attention to it.


4. Keep it Light

You’re testing the waters, so make sure you’re keeping the conversation light, breezy, and funny. It’s all too easy for a first date to go down like an interview, with each side firing off their assorted questions for the other person to answer. Focus on making things fun.


5. If you’re Not Feeling a Second Date, Still Be A Gentlemen

If you’re just not digging her that much? That doesn’t mean you stop being a gentlemen. If you’ve been getting drinks, take care of the check, and part. DON'T say you’ll call or get back in contact if you won’t. She’ll get the hint.


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Source: Men's Fitness

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