5 Things Men Find Incredibly Sexy in a Woman (Part 1)
Anthony Keyes

May 25 2016

5 Things Men Find Incredibly Sexy in a Woman (Part 1)

To balance out last week's list of the things women find sexy in a man, here are some of the qualities men find hot-as-hell in women that you wouldn't expect.

1. Playing an Instrument

Many women find this sexy in a man, but rarely do we talk about how hot it is when you find a woman who can really PLAY the hell out of something. Whether she's pounding a set of drums or strumming a ukelele, men find a woman with a musical side sexy.


2.Messy Hair

For all the time women usually spend on their hair, it's shocking how many men prefer women with a shaggy, unkempt mane, or a natural look that doesn't require much upkeep. Something about those kinds of hairstyles is unbelievably sexy to a man.

Bed Head

3. A Woman Who Can Drink

You ever notice in a movie that when they want a woman to be sexy, they always make her order a whiskey? In real life, secretly, men enjoy the same thing. When a woman can go toe-to-toe with shots, it's a turn on.


4. When You Need His Help

This may be awful, but it's true. Men like to feel needed, like they have something they can offer you. They like to be able to step up and help. So women who seem to need our help always come off far cuter and sexier than those who don't.

Man Helping Woman

5. Confidence

Simple but true. Men love it when a woman is comfortable in her own skin, who knows what she wants, and feels confident that she's going to be able to achieve it. It's an outlook that is undeniably sexy.

Sexy Woman

For even more info about what a man finds irresistible in a woman, check out this article by Cosmo.

Source: Cosmo

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