5 Things Men Find Incredibly Sexy in a Woman (Part 2)
Anthony Keyes

May 27 2016

5 Things Men Find Incredibly Sexy in a Woman (Part 2)

This is a continuation of all the things men find seductive in a woman that you wouldn't expect. Let's dive in.

1. Men Find a Woman Who Dresses Down Sexy

Sure, if we're out for the night, we love it when you're wearing a dress that makes everyone stare. But if you ask most men what their woman looks sexiest in, you'd be amazed how many of them say pajamas, or the clothes she wears around the house.


2. Men Love a Woman Who Takes Charge in the Bedroom

There's nothing sexier than when a woman takes over in the bedroom. Men love not having to be the aggressor while you have your way with them.

Woman Sex

3.Men Love a Woman Who Doesn't Need Make-up

Men love the natural you, however much magazines try to convince you otherwise. They love it when they can see you with your guard down, and seeing you without make-up makes you that much sexier to them.


4. Men Love a Woman Who Enjoys Her Alone Time

No one likes feeling like they have to bring their significant other to every event. When you have your own friends and interests you like to go do without him, it makes you that much sexier to him.

Enjoying alone time

5.When You're in Lingerie

Sure, we're ending with an easy one, but we've avoided any "looks-related" posts until now. Dudes like the way you look with almost nothing on, and it's sexy as hell.


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Source: Thought Catalog

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