5 Things That Can Ruin a First Date
Anthony Keyes

May 31 2016

5 Things That Can Ruin a First Date

Everyone wants to make a good first impression when they meet someone new. If you want to have a chance of impressing your date, make sure not to do any of these five things.

1. Don't Mention Other Dates

This is probably the biggest unspoken rule, but when out on a date, DON'T talk about others you've had recently. It's awkward. When you're there, act as if they're the only person you went on a date with this week, even if that's not the case.

Awkward Couple

2. Paying More Attention to Your Phone Than the Date

People are guilty of doing this all the time--don't spend your date texting your friends about it. Try to establish a connection with the person sitting next to you, and ignore your phone while you're on your date.


3. Don't Get Hammered

This is basic, but important. No one looks good on a first date getting completely sloshed while their date only has one drink. Keep it together, first impressions count.

Drunk Date

4. Getting Too Dressed Up

There are some obvious caveats here ( for example, if you have to dress up heavily for work and go to the date right after) but nowadays dressing up formally for a first date is considered weird.

Too dressed up

5. Don't Try to Add Them On Social Media

If you two become a thing, then by all means go ahead. But DO NOT under any circumstances tried to friend your date either before or after the first meeting.

FB Friend

For even more tips on what not to do on a first date, check out this list by Elite Singles.

Source: Elite Singles

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