5 Things to Keep In Mind When Dating
Anthony Keyes

May 13 2016

5 Things to Keep In Mind When Dating

For a lot of people, romance can take up a large chunk of your life. Whether looking for a life partner, or just someone to keep your bed warm for the night, these tips should help you get a little closer to the goal.

1.Trust Your Friends

If you meet someone you're really digging, but absolutely no one around you likes them, that's a red flag. Sure, your friends may not love your new beau, but chances are if everyone has a problem, there's an issue you're ignoring.


2. Don't Sweat Your Physical Appearance

People get hung up on their bodies all the time. "She'll reject me 'cause I'm too short." "He'll turn me down cause I'm overweight." You have to kill that voice in your head. It will make your dating life ( and general life) that much easier.

Body Issues

3. Fun is Contagious

Here's a tip: If you're looking to meet someone at a bar, you should be having FUN. People want to have fun, and are naturally attracted to people who are having a good time. If thinks aren't going your way, don't bury yourself in a pile of drinks. Keep the mood up, and you never know what may happen.

Have fun boo

4. Don't be afraid to go places alone

Now more than ever, people hate the idea of being by themselves in society. We're encouraged to share images of us surrounded by friends having the time of our lives. But alone time is necessary, and you never know who you may meet if you go somewhere by yourself rather than in a giant group.

Beach Alone

5.Remember not to sweat it

You can see your friends coupling up or having the best hook-ups of your life and feel like you're missing out. But that's only a small part of your life. Don't let your dating needs overwhelm all the other aspects of your life that you enjoy. Keep your head on straight, and you'll find someone eventually.

Don't Sweat

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Source: Your Tango

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