5 Things Women Find Incredibly Sexy in a Man (Part 1)
Anthony Keyes

May 17 2016

5 Things Women Find Incredibly Sexy in a Man (Part 1)

It's not just ripped abs and bulging pecs that can cause a woman to drool (though those certainly don't hurt). Here are five things about a man that can get a woman all hot and bothered.

1. A Man Who Can Cook

Anytime you can whip up a delicious meal for a woman, her excitement about your increases a thousand percent. For a lot of women, there are few things sexier than a man who knows his way around a kitchen.

man cooking

2. A Man Who Can Make Her Laugh

This one is a big more obvious ( everyone likes someone with a sense of humor) but every woman wants a man who can knock only make her smile, but improve her crappy day with a quick joke that gets her laughing.

Make woman laugh

3. A Man With Some Style

You might not have the best body, but knowing how to dress it up can go a LONG way with women. And if you have some stylish shoes to back up that slick outfit? Even better.

Stylish Man

4. A Man Who Can Dance

Women love men who can literally sweep them off their feet. Nothing makes you look better than shocking a woman with some dance moves that she never expected you to have.

Dancing Man

5. A Man Who Reads

It may sound silly, but lots of women prefer a man who gets his information and knowledge from a good book rather than the internet, or who can talk about the same fantastic novel she's reading. Expand your horizons and pick up a good book every now and again.

Men Reading Books

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Source: scoop woop

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