5 Things Women Find Incredibly Sexy in a Man (Part 2)
Anthony Keyes

May 19 2016

5 Things Women Find Incredibly Sexy in a Man (Part 2)

A continuation of our list of things that can make a man unbelievably sexy to a woman.

1. A Man Who Is Good With Kids

Most guys know this, but it's the truth. If a woman sees you having a blast with a little kid, it instantly make you more attractive, particularly if she's looking for a long-term relationship.

Playing With Kid

2. A Man Who Treats Service Workers Well

Technically this applies to both sexes, but still, it doesn't matter how good a man looks if he treats waiters like crap and acts like he's better than the taxi driver. Showing respect to everyone is both a humane and sexy quality.

Waiter Well

3. A Man Who Knows A Suit Looks Better Than a Bathing Suit

The shirtless bathroom pic will never look as good as a picture of you dressed to kill in a nice suit. A man who cleans up is instantly sexier than a man who tries to strip down for attention.

Man in Suit

4. A Man Who is Courteous

Being the first to give up his seat to a pregnant woman or old man? Dreamy. Every woman likes a stand up guy, and few things are sexier than a man who thinks of the well being of other's before his own.

Pregnant Woman Sit

5. A Man Who is Passionate

This doesn't mean sexually. Sure, that's always great, but a man that's passionate about his ideals, about what he wants from life and from others, someone who has a sense of purpose about what they do--that's sexy as hell.

Purposeful Man

For even more information about what can make a man sexy to a woman, check out this article by askmen.com.

Source: askmen.com

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