5 Tips for Navigating the Bustle Of NYC Dating Scene
Anthony Keyes

Dec 27 2015

5 Tips for Navigating the Bustle Of NYC Dating Scene

Anyone needs a few tips to help snag a guy you really love, particularly in a place like NYC. Here are a few that can help:

Double Check Your Deal Breakers

Ladies, we all have them—the problem is a lot of time great guys get screened out for little problems for little things. If he’s shorter than you, will it really ruin the relationship? Is true love lost if he loves dogs and you love cats? Make sure your list is substantial items and not nice-to-haves.


Don’t Gear Yourself Up For Failure

Too many people in NYC go into a date with the idea that it’s going to fail. You’ve all heard them—hell, if you Google “dating in nyc” you’ll get enough horror stories to keep you awake for a year. But you can’t think like that. A first date is the best time to put a new foot forwards, regardless of the loser you may have.


Don’t Make Assumptions

It’s just a first date-every is entitled to a little uncomfortable, at least for a little while. Don’t go in thinking you need a sparking in the first 60 seconds, otherwise you’ll leave countless bars disappointed. Some people will take a little bit to open up. And besides, most relationships based on an initial spark fizzle out just as fast.


Location isn’t everything

You live in Queens and they live in Brooklyn? Oh hell no. Or at least, that’s how most people feel when it comes to borough romance. Too many people get screened out simply by not being close enough, but really, if you met a kick-ass guy that you wanted to see again, would you really care that he’s 35 minutes on the Q train?


Don’t Have Him Make the First Move

This is more general dating advice than necessarily NYC, but given the nature of the city, if you’re feeling a guy, don’t hesitate to let him know or even plant the first kiss. We live in a new age, and unless you’re clinging to old dating rules because you respect them, empower yourself to take the leaps instead of waiting for someone else to.


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