5 Types of Men You Have to Date ( Part 2)
Anthony Keyes

Jun 07 2016

5 Types of Men You Have to Date ( Part 2)

These is a continuation of our previous list on the types of men you need to make sure you have in your life at least once.

1. The Bad Boy

You knew this was coming didn't you? Every woman has fantasized over at least one bad boy in her life ( probably a hell of a lot more). He's great catch when you're dating casually, and the type of man every woman should try at least once.

Bad Boy

2. The Musician

There's just something sexy about a man who can play an instrument ( except for maybe the oboe). Every woman should go out with a man who can write a song about her, even if he has to split that studio apartment with his bandmasters.


3. The Older Man

Every woman dates someone above their age at least once. And why wouldn't you? Older men are established, no what they want, and (generally) don't play the games of men your own age.

Salt and Peppa

4. The Nerd

He's not the number one guy on most women's lists, but every woman should date a nerd at least once. It's fun to be with someone both highly intelligent and passionate, and a nerd might find a side of you that you didn't know you had.


5. A Responsible Man

Sure, he's not the most exciting on this list, but dating a guy who has all his shit together is certainly helpful. You never know what you can learn to help your own life, and for that, he definitely makes it on this list.

Responsible Dude

For even more examples of the types of men every woman should date once, check out this article by Women's Health.

Source: Women's Health

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