5 Types of Men You Need To Avoid Getting in a Relationship With
Anthony Keyes

Feb 18 2016

5 Types of Men You Need To Avoid Getting in a Relationship With

Dating is rough, and while WhistleUp can help you narrow down and find better men, there will always be bad dates. If a few duds do slip through the cracks, here are a few important red flags you should be careful not to get in bed with. ;)

1. Men Who Can’t Handle Anyone Else’s Accomplishment

Real talk ladies: while plenty of men are grateful and happy to see women succeeding in the workplace, there are some men who will never be happy being in a relationship with someone who is more successful than them. Be wary of this, because chances are, you won’t notice it at first. It’ll be subtle--him not getting as excited as you think he should be when you get a promotion, or that deflation in his face when he learns you make more than him. You need a partner that is happy to see you achieve, no more no less.


2. Someone who can’t get over their past

Everyone has a bad break-up--the catch is some of us never really get past them. Be careful of dating a guy with a poisonous ex, and god forbid if she cheated on him. While lots of people are cheated on and go on to become great partners, every so often it lingers with someone and infects their next relationships. Does he constantly act as though you can’t be trusted? Move along.


3.The overly jealous man

Some men just can’t stand seeing anyone look at his woman, and you do not want that woman to be you. A little jealousy can occasionally be fun, even endearing--it lets you know you matter to your partner, and that you're a catch to others. But a lot of jealousy is a relationship destroyer, and if it turns controlling, even worse.


4.The Guy Who Can’t Keep an Appointment to Save His Life

Flaky guys are the worst. Always canceling at the last minute, running late, and generally messing up plans, think twice before you get close to a never-there-when-you-call, never-on-time kind of guy. If you can’t depend on someone for the little things, it’s rare that you’ll be able to depend on them for something more important.


5.Momma’s Boy

In a relationship, you're supposed to take care of eachother. Unfortunately, with a momma’s boy, you’ll be taking care of him a lot more often, and dealing with things a grown man shouldn’t have problems with. Don’t get saddled with a man who needs to be coddled all the time, it won’t end well.


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Source: Huffington Post

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