5 Ways for a Man to Improve His Dating Profile
Anthony Keyes

Apr 15 2016

5 Ways for a Man to Improve His Dating Profile

You get a very limited chance to make a good first impression during online dating. Here are a few tips to keep you from messing yours up:

Don’t put a bunch of turn-offs in your profile

Have what you’re looking for, not what you're NOT looking for. Otherwise you’ll sound negative or scorned, which is extremely unnatractive.


2. Don’t talk about sex

Unless you’re strictly looking for hook-ups, don't. And even then, most women know that sex is on the menu if a relationship moves forward without you writing about it.


3. Posting pictures using a flash

You’ll look older, more tired, and more dazed. Opt for non-flash photos to help out with your face.


4. Don’t use text speak

This comes up all the time, but seriously, don’t. First impressions matter--write a sentence or two about yourself that actually sounds like you got through high school.


5. Waiting too long to meet up

Obviously start the chat on your phone or online. But after a few back and forths, it’s time to meet up. Don't’ waste each other's time, otherwise she may get bored and move on.


Source: Men's Fitness

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