5 Worst Kinds of First Kisses
Anthony Keyes

Feb 29 2016

5 Worst Kinds of First Kisses

If you’ve been in the online dating game for a while, you’ve probably had your share of first kisses--some great, some good, and some that nothing but a bottle of tequila will help you forget. Here are some of the worst kiss offenders:

1.The Biter

Bro, chill. Biting can be good in the right context, but definitely not for a first kiss. Even worse? When they try to play it off like an accident.


2. The Slobberer

TOO. MUCH. SALIVA. Nothing ruins the moment quite like feeling like you’re kissing your German Shephard. It’s gross, it’s too messy, and waaaaay too damn much for the first kiss.


3. The Stank Breath

Sure, everyone eats something a little funky now and again--I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about the kind of stank breath where it’s like something’s been living and dying in their mouth since birth. Many a first kiss has died because of stank breath.


4. The Lip Sucker

Please don’t try to suck a woman’s lips into yours. Maybe in the heat of things. Maybe. But definitely not when you’re going for that first peck.


5. The Teeth Clanger

You both lean in for a kiss, overshoot, and clang front teeth together. Is there nothing more clumsy than this? It’s the facial equivalent of hitting your funnybone.


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Source: Nonsense-buzzing.blogspot.com

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