5 Worst Things for a Woman to Do in a Break Up
Anthony Keyes

Apr 05 2016

5 Worst Things for a Woman to Do in a Break Up

Sometimes love hurts, and a bad break up can feel like a knife in your back. However, there’s things a woman can do that can make it even worse for a man. Here's what not to do after a break up:

1. Gossip About Him

Do not start spreading rumors about your ex. Even if it ended badly, even if you hate them, you never know when rumors can come back to bite you in the ass.


2. Getting With a Friend of His

This one cuts both ways, and it’s one of the meanest things you could do to eachother. Unless you want to start an all out war, rebounding with a your ex's friend is off-limits.


3. Checking In With Each Other All The Time

Though not as malicious as the first two tips, it’s just as big of a problem. Checking in with each other after a break up can seem like the humane thing to do, but in reality, it’s just prolonging the inevitable.


4. Making Your Break Up Front and Center on Social Media

Have the decency to make your relationship status private before you change it to “not in a relationship.” No matter who ended it, this is something that both people should do.

Relationship Status

5. Let Him Apologize If Needbe

This should normally wait for a few months after, but if ugly things were said, you should be open to letting someone apologize for it after the initial sting wears off. It might be the closure you’re looking for.


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Source: MTV.com

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