6 Gifts Women Hate Getting
Anthony Keyes

Dec 23 2015

6 Gifts Women Hate Getting

He tries—he really does. But sometimes you just can’t paint a fake smile on when your boyfriend accidentally gives you a heinous gift. Fellas, take note: here are a few of the gifts ladies just can’t stand getting.

1. Lingerie

Do not pretend for one second that you got this for her. Men who buy ladies lingerie as a sole gift should be given nothing but clothes—all the ones you want him to wear but her hates!


2. A Gift Card

Try harder. The end.


3. A framed picture

We are not in kindergarten anymore—picture presents left the same year as macaroni necklaces.


4. Bath and Body Works

This is what you buy for a secret santa you don’t want to spend money on—not someone you love and care about.


5. A watch

Her phone tells the time, and she can ask anyone on the street for it if I need it. While there’s at least a little more thought put into this than other gifts on this list, let’s be real—it’s a waste of money.


6. Stuffed Animals

She's a grown woman, and she doesn’t need any more stuffed animals in her life other than the ones she has kept from childhood.


Source: Totalsororitymove

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