6 Great Benefits of Being in a Relationship
Anthony Keyes

Feb 15 2016

6 Great Benefits of Being in a Relationship

Being single has it’s benefits, but sometimes, you just can’t beat the comfort of a loving relationship. Here are a few of those things that make having a significant other all the sweeter:

1. Sleeping in Late

Sleeping in until noon is so much better with someone else in bed next to you.


2. Having someone to pitch in when you’re sick

When you’re single and sick? Nobody cares. But when you’re in a relationship, you at least have someone who will try to nurse you back to health.


3. Having someone to lean on

Besides just being sick, times can get rough.While friends and family can help out, sometimes there’s nothing like a significant other who has your back.


4. Having someone to help make the seamless minimum

Cause let’s be real, who wants to cook all the time?


5. The sex. Obviously.

Generally speaking, if you have a partner, you’re out of having lonely nights alone. Not only, but while a fun fling with a stranger can be enjoyable, having sex with a partner that truly knows your wants and needs raises things to a whole other level.


6. Having an automatic snow day buddy

I know, how can I list this after sex, right? But come on. You’d be lying if you said you didn’t love having a person you can go out and build a fort with. What’s that? He doesn’t want to build a fort? Get rid of him.


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Source: Huffington Post

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