6 Important Rules for a One-Night Stand (Guys)
Anthony Keyes

Mar 31 2016

6 Important Rules for a One-Night Stand (Guys)

One-night stands can be fun, especially if you’re in the right mindset, but it’s also easy for them to go off the rails. Here are a few things you can do to make sure you and her both have an enjoyable time:

1.Don’t be an asshole

Let’s start here. Even if this is a one night, never-see-eachother-ever-again-thing, don’t be a dick. Treat a woman right, and be a gentlemen all the way through the night being over.


2. Use Protection

If you pay attention to nothing else from this list, for the love of god, use some goddamn protection. There is no reason in this day and age to have unsafe sex. None. I don’t care how drunk you may be, get a condom.


3. Make Sure Neither of You is Too Drunk

We could file this under “don’t be an asshole”, but it deserves special attention. If either you or her seem too far gone to accurately decide if this is what you want to do, leave. Period.


4. Keep a Lid on Your Kink--Unless You’ve Talked About It

We all have our fetishes, but for a one-night stand, unless you’ve talked about them beforehand, it’d be wise to keep most of them to yourself. Nothing will kill the mood faster than talking about your costume fetish to someone who wanted meat and potatoes sex.


5. If she’s at your place, offer to get her home

Whether it’s a ride or cab money, offer it. It’s just courtesy.

one night stand

6. Be Open

If you really clicked with your one-stand, be open to seeing them again ( there’s no reason it can’t turn into something more). Conversely, if you’re definitely keeping this a one night deal, make sure to communicate that--none of that “I’ll call you later” bullshit.


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Source: Men Fitness

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