6 Profile Pics Women Need to Get Rid Of
Anthony Keyes

Mar 17 2016

6 Profile Pics Women Need to Get Rid Of

We all try to put our best foot forward on a dating site, but sometimes we wind up trying a little to hard. Here are some of the missteps you can make with your profile photo that can tank your chances at a decent date.

1. Trying Too Hard to Be Sexy

If you’re profile pic is nothing more than your breasts mashed up against the camera with a “come hither” look in your eye, you’re not going to get a quality date. Sometimes less is more. Got a picture of yourself in sexy dress? That’s more like it.


2. Being Surrounded By Men

I don’t care if these are all your brothers and you love them dearly, men don’t like to see prospective dates surrounded by either (A) men who want to be with her (B) men who will attack those who want to.


3. A Photoshopped Pic

Men can tell when you’ve had someone go over your photo. This is particularly common among actors or people who work in showbiz, but please keep the headshots off your profile.


4. Photos Where You’re Obscured/Using “Myspace Angles”

For those of you too young to remember myspace angles, it’s a term when a women shoots her body in an odd angle to conceal some part of herself. Ladies, men know when you’re hiding something about yourself you don’t like, or don’t think is flattering. Show it anyway. Trust me--you’re more likely to get a match who likes you for you, rather than making yourself look different and disappointing someone else in person.


5. That “This party is so crazy” photo

Does it look like you could be blackout drunk? Don’t post it. Even if you’re trying to show people how fun you are, boozed up photos never do you justice.


6. General Group Shots

Men don’t want to guess who you are. Your profile pic should feature you prominently, end of story.


Source: Whistle Up

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