6 Signs You're in a Healthy Relationship
Anthony Keyes

May 02 2016

6 Signs You're in a Healthy Relationship

Everyone dates duds now and again. But if you're in a committed, long-term relationship, it needs to positively impact your life. If your relationship has any of these characteristics, you can be sure it's healthy for the both of you.

1. You Don't Need To Spend Every Moment Together

Sure, you may love being with each other, but in a healthy relationship you both still maintain your own friends and interests outside of each other. If that's not happening, it might be time to examine if you're overly dependent on one another.


2. You Come to Consensus on Big Decisions

One person should not win all the time, and if your relationship lacks any compromise when it comes to decisions that affect the both of you, that's a fast track for you both to wind up in a very bad place.


3. Disagreements Don't Always Blow Up

Every couple will have their disagreements, but if you're constantly blowing up at each other, that' s a sign you need to work on your communications skills, or that maybe this relationship simply isn't working.


4. No Topic Is Off Limits

You should never be afraid to bring something up that's on your mind when you're in a health relationship. If you do, that's definitely a problem.

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5. You Trust Each Other

This is the big one. If you don't have trust in a relationship, you might as well not have one. If you don't ever feel the need to search his phone, you're probably doing pretty well.


6. You Do Your Best to Make Each Other Happy

If, at the end of the day, you're both trying to make each other's lives a little easier, you're definitely in a healthy relationship.


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