6 Terrible First Lines On a Dating App
Anthony Keyes

May 09 2016

6 Terrible First Lines On a Dating App

Everyone struggles to figure out the first thing to say to a total stranger from a dating app. Whatever you do, don't open with any of these if you still want a shot at meeting in person.

1. "Hey."

Is there anything lazier than just saying "Hey" and expecting the other person to have something interesting to say? If you're going to take the trouble to message someone, come up with something a little better than this.


2. "You're Beautiful"

This goes for any variation ( pretty, hot, sexy, gorgeous), and even though more men open like this than women, DO NOT open with a generic compliment about the person's looks. It's so common it hurts, and does nothing but make you seem (possibly) creepy.

Hey sexy

3. Opening with a Sexual Pick-Up Line

No. Just no. How well did you think this was going to work? Even if they wanted to have sex with you, a sex pick-up line is so cheesy you might as well have just taken a shotgun to your chances.


4. A Lame Icebreaker

These aren't as bad as the rest of the openers on this list, but they're just overused. You want to sound original, or at least lead into an original conversation as soon as possible, and these don't help.

Polar Bear

5. A winky face

God, stop. Just stop. There's nothing that says "I don't care" like sending an emoji as a first message. Try harder.

Winky Face

6. A Drunk Text

Oof. This is a hard one to live down. Always make sure you send your first message (hell, any message) sober.

Drunk Text

For even more things you shouldn't communicate on a dating app, check out this list by Bustle.

Source: Bustle

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