6 Things Guys Shouldn't Do In a Break Up
Anthony Keyes

Apr 08 2016

6 Things Guys Shouldn't Do In a Break Up

Break ups are rough, even if men usually don’t want to admit it. Whether you were the one breaking up, or the one getting broken up with, this is a list of tips to keep from making any poor decisions after.

1. Shitting on her Social Media

This applies to both genders, but the point holds: Do not make a private fight public. No one likes the couple who argues on facebook, and they definitely don’t like witnessing the shit slinging that goes on when people break up. It makes you looks like an ass--don’t do it.


2. Keeping Her Belongings Hostage

Have some of her favorites movies or clothes lying around? Give them back like a gentlemen. Don’t force her to come to your house to collect them, or even worse ( depending on the break up) destroy them in anger. Keep it civil.


3. Dating a Replica

This is more of a problem for you than her--make sure the next girl you go for isn’t a carbon copy of your last girlfriend. That won’t end well for you or her when you realize she’s not living up to some fabricated notion of your ex.


4. Don't Guilt Trip

If you’re the one whose been broken up with, but don’t ever guilt trip your ex to get them back. It’s not good for either of you.

Guilt Trip

5. Showing Off New Girls You're Dating on Social

We get it--sometimes you want to just stick it to an ex by having her see all the great girls you’re meeting now that you're not in a relationship. Once again, keep it classy, and keep your dating life offline.


6. Showing Up at Mutual Events When You're Not Invited

Don't be the creep that shows up at a party just to chat with your ex. It's not helpful and makes you look like a psycho. There's no reason to "hang out" after the break up is done.


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Source: Bustle

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