6 Ways You Can Tell You Hooked Up With The Wrong Guy
Anthony Keyes

Jan 07 2016

6 Ways You Can Tell You Hooked Up With The Wrong Guy

It happens to the best of us. A fun evening out turns into a wild night in someone else’s bed, and then you wake up next to an axe-body-spray stained Ed Hardy t-shirt.These are the signs that you should’ve stopped one drink earlier.

1. He has a tribal tattoo.

People still get these?! If you wake up and you see a tribal tattoo on the man you just slept with, walk away slowly before he gets up.


2. There’s a Scarface Poster Above His Bed

No. Just…no. Even in college this wasn’t a good sign, and if you’re an adult, well, why the hell are you even putting posters above your bed?

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3. He has more naked women on his wall than pictures of his family.

He still has more growing up to do—and you need to get out, pronto.


4. He calls you babe

There’s two reason a man calls you babe. 1. He doesn’t care about you and 2. He doesn’t remember your name. Either way, it’s time to get heading home.

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5. He has frosted tips

How drunk were you last night that this didn’t bother you? Did you have sex with Guy Fieri on accident?


6. He asks you to leave before his parents see you

There are no words. Why? Why??? The only thing you can do is take his advice, and get out of there before his mother wakes up to start breakfast.


Source: mtv

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