7 Profile Pics Men Need to Get Rid Of
Anthony Keyes

Mar 14 2016

7 Profile Pics Men Need to Get Rid Of

First impressions count, and a lot of men blow it straight out of the gate with a bad profile pic. Here are some of the ones you need to get rid off (and don’t worry, the ladies will be next).

1. Shirtless Bathroom Selfie

Men, stop it. This shit isn’t sexy, even if you’re rocking a sixpack. Woman now use this as a judge for how much of a tool you are. If this is your main profile picture, get rid of it.


2. The Tiger Pic

How did these get so popular? How are so many men getting pictures with them feeding baby tigers? Nowadays, you can find a guy feeding some exotic pet on his profile pic. What started cute now just seems like you’re trying too hard.


3. Photos filled with girls

Gentlemen, do you like it when a woman is posing with a bunch of men in her pictures? No? Then stop doing the same thing! Women don’t want to feel like they’ll need to fend off half the city to get to you.


4. A Pic That Isn’t You

Be it a celebrity, a meme, or a photo of your cat--show us what your damn face looks like.


5. Bodypart Pics

It’s weird bro. It’s weird. And we get it--you’re trying to make a girl thirsty, but this type of thing does not work nearly as well for the opposite sex.


6. A Headshot

This is not a job interview. Don’t post the picture you took for your company’s website, or your acting bio.


7. Any Picture Where You Try Too Hard to Look Sexy

Newsflash: Most men can’t do this without looking like a dumbass. You’re probably in that pile. Don’t try to look like a Calvin Klein cover.


Source: Whistle Up

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