Cheap Dates Ideas for When Money Is Tight (Part 1)
Anthony Keyes

Apr 18 2016

Cheap Dates Ideas for When Money Is Tight (Part 1)

If you’re dating (particularly if you’re a guy), it’s real easy for dates to start through your wallet. Here as some simple, cheap, but fun ways date ideas to help you have fun while respecting your budget.

1. Hiking

If you're with someone whose outdoorsy, a simple hike can be a good date. Bring some snacks along and have some fun exploring the wilderness.


2. Bowling

I know, it seems boring, but lot of bowling alleys turn up the jams and bring down the lights for late night bowling. Usually it’s only 5-10 bucks at these events, and it’s a fun, competitive way to spend the night.


3. The Park

There are a bunch fun things at most parks--everything from relaxing on a lawn, to renting paddleboats, or playing at the dog park.


4. A Museum

A simple, cheap day date. Pick a museum, preferably a one with some weird stuff in it, and go. Most city museums survive by donations, so the date can be as cheap as you want to be, and in case there is a lull in the conversation, there’s always something interesting around to talk about.


5. Block Party

This requires a little advance planning, but if there’s a block party in your area, that’s a great place to bring a date. Listen to some music, grab some cheap street food, and see where the night takes you.

Block Party

6. An Art Show

Most art shows are free, and can be...unique to say the least. That, and a lot of them have alcohol which can make a fun time while you and you're date try to figure out what the hell you're looking at.

art show

For more simple, cheap date ideas, check out this article by Thought Catalog. And stayed tuned for our the next set of tips!

Source: Thought Catalog

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