Cheap Dates Ideas for When Money is Tight (Part 2)
Anthony Keyes

Apr 21 2016

Cheap Dates Ideas for When Money is Tight (Part 2)

This is a continuation of the list from the last post, so make sure to check that out as we dive in to even more date ideas to help keep the night fun and while keeping your wallet full.

7. Drunk Painting

These are becoming all the rage, and they can be a great date that let's you let you drink beer and wine while each of you gets in touch with your artistic side. Investigate carefully though--you don’t want to wind up at one where you won’t be able to talk much.

Drunk Painting

8. The Beach

If you live near a coast (or even near a lake) this is a great relaxing date. Play in the sand, take dip, or head to the boardwalk for a fun night.


9. Romantic Dinner at Home

You can’t do this for a first date, but particularly for a guy, if you know how to make a great meal, a simple romantic dinner always goes over well--both for her, and your budget.


10. Coffehouse Concert

If a coffee house near you has live music, go check it out later one night for a cute, romantic evening.

coffee house band

11. Minigolf

Let’s be real--this is still fun as hell to do. Minigolf can give you some laughs and fun competition while you both figure out how to get the ball over the moat, around the windmill, and down the gulley.


12. Ice Skate

Winter is usually much harder to create a cheap date, since usually the outdoors is too frigid for most activities. But ice-skating is the one exception--while the cost of the skates can be a little irritating, stumbling around the rink and getting hot chocolate after can make a killer little date.

Ice Skate

For more great date ideas, check out this article by Marie Claire.

Source: Marie Clare

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