Cheap Dates When Money is Tight (Part 3)
Anthony Keyes

Apr 26 2016

Cheap Dates When Money is Tight (Part 3)

Check out the first two parts of our countdown on some of the date ideas you can use when cash is running a bit low.

13. Ice Cream

In Japan, dates to ice cream bars are all the rage ( it's considered in poor taste to ask a woman to a bar on the first date). Cheap, fun, and a little different, getting ice-cream ( or going to a dessert bar) is a good way to change of the pace in a playful way.

Ice Cream Date

14. Karaoke

This is highly dependent on the type of people you are, but nothing will break the ice quite like trading off terrible renditions of “Call me Maybe” or “Baby Got Back.”


15. A Pool Bar

This one depends on the bar ( go to the wrong place, and the drinks could rack up QUICK). But a fun game of pool always helps set a playful, fun mood.

Obama Pool

16. Go to the (Super Local) Theater

If could be an outdoor theater in the park, or the theater that only shows 2 movies for super cheap and has cake as a treat. Either way, most areas have a cheap local theater that’s way different than the normal AMC or Regal


17. Trivia Night

Sure, it’s a variation on a bar, but it’s a fun variation. Test your knowledge on random trivia, get a few happy hour beers, and get a bit closer.

Trivia Night

18. Improv Night

This shouldn’t be a first date ( you won’t be able to talk much), but if you’ve been going out for a little, improv nights are cheap, and usually worth a few groans even if you catch one that’s not funny.

Improv Show

Stay tuned for Part 4! In the meantime, if you need more date ideas, check out this article from


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