Cheap Dates When Money is Tight (Part 4)
Anthony Keyes

Apr 28 2016

Cheap Dates When Money is Tight (Part 4)

This is the final part of our list of great cheap dates for when money is tight. Be sure to check out parts 1-3!

19. Pumpkin Carving

Sure, this one is limited to fall, but going to pick up a pumpkin, carving it up together can be a fun experience to have. Most of these places also have face-painting, which can also be cheap and fun if you're looking for a silly date.

Pumpkin Carving

20. Go to a Beer or Wine Tasting

Most tasting are actually pretty cheap ( 10-15 bucks to try between 5 and 10) and are pretty fun social gatherings for when you want to go out on a budget.

Wine Tasting

21. Sweat It Out Together

If you're an active couple, you can usually find a cheap introductory gym class in yoga. But why not step it up? Most cities have stunt courses where you can learn to rappel, take massive falls, or practice your gymnastics. Definitely a cooler alternative than another jog around the park.


22. Build It Together

This is for deep in a relationship, but a fun thing to do could be to build something together. Been dying to get a bookshelf in your place? Build it yourselves instead of shopping around for one.


23. See a Hockey Game

For one reason or another, most hockey games have tickets at far lower prices than other sporting events. If you don't mind being a little chilly, it can definitely be a fun change of pace.

Hockey Game

24. Go to a Board Game Cafe

More and more of these are popping up, but few things are as fun as going to a cafe and challenging each other to a game of jenga over coffee or drinks.

Board Game Cafe

For even more cheap date ideas ( though with more of a city focus), check out this list by Buzzfeed.

Source: Buzzfeed

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