Dressed to Kill - Sports Edition
Anthony Keyes

Jan 15 2016

Dressed to Kill - Sports Edition

So you’re going out on a date at a sporting event and wondering how to still look cute? We have you covered. Here are the six pieces of clothing you need to accentuate depending on the game you’re going to see.

1. Hockey

The scarf and cap are key. In such a frosty place, a cute cap with a pom-pom on top always looks good, and if you have a scarf that’s in your teams colors, you’ll be a star in the cheap seats.


2. Tennis

This ones all about the shades. A sexy pair of sunglasses can do wonders to make you look chic on the court.


3. Football

Ladies—it’s time for flannel. While most guys won’t talk about it, seeing a woman in a form-fitting flannel shirt for a football game will get them all hot and bothered.


4. Baseball

This one’s obvious right? A baseball cap, duh! And if you can put your hair up in a ponytail while wearing it, even better.


5. Soccer

Keep it simple and go with a jersey. Trust us, you’ll be jumping up and down on your feet most of the time to not be wearing something comfortable.

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6. Basketball

Sneakers. There’s no way you could watch this sport without a sleek new pair of sneakers on your feet.


Source: Vogue

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