Forgot Your V-Day Shopping? Here Are 5 Great Man Gift Ideas
Anthony Keyes

Feb 10 2016

Forgot Your V-Day Shopping? Here Are 5 Great Man Gift Ideas

Let’s be honest: Valentine’s shopping is stressful. It’s so close after the holiday season that much people aren’t usually in need of more gifts, and it can be hard to find something that’s romantic for your man that won’t break the bank. Here are a few ideas to help you out:

1.Keep It Practical

Most men aren’t in need of super romantic gifts. A surefire bet? Something practical that he can use that says you care. A nice new wallet to replace his ratty old leather one, or a coffee thermos that ACTUALLY keeps his coffee warm can be great small ideas to show your love.


2. Help Him Move Closer to His Goals

This one’s a little broad, but trust me: there are few things sexier to a man than a supportive woman. Has your boyfriend always been meaning to learn the drums? Buy him a lesson or two. Thinking about starting a side business? Buy him some books or a ticket to a seminar. The fact that you’re interested in his goals and are helping him get closer to them will be one of the most romantic gestures he’s ever seen.


3. Give Him A Night To Remember

Let’s be real: There’s a contingent of men--a rather large contingent--that really only care about getting their bones jumped on Valentine’s Day. If that’s the type of man you’re with, then throwing out something you haven’t done before ( a fetish, a new position, role-playing) can spice up the activities and let your man know you care.


4. Get Involved with Something You Don’t Care About

Got a man who likes videogames and you can barely work a controller? Or a guy who's super into foreign films that bore the crap out of you every time you watch them? A good V-Day gift could be to surrender yourself fully to his passions that normally, you just don’t get. Let him show you his favorite foreign films, or teach you how to beat a level. Who knows? You may even pick up a new hobby you enjoy.


5. Don’t Get Anything. At all. For Either of You.

Okay, fine, we cheated with this one. To some men, the best thing they can get on Valentine's Day is hearing that they don’t have to celebrate it. If it’s not a big deal to you, let him know. He’ll definitely appreciate it, and you two can have a lot more fun NOT trying to find a spot at an overpriced restaurant.


What if you don’t have a special someone for V-day? Join WhistleUp today, and start looking for someone worth sharing a box of chocolates with. Need more ideas for what to get your man? Check out Cosmo’s article.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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