Marriage Material: 6 Things a Man is Looking For in a Wife
Anthony Keyes

Feb 22 2016

Marriage Material: 6 Things a Man is Looking For in a Wife

Not everyone is looking for a long-term partner, and that’s fine. Date how you want to date. But for those women that are, what are the things a man is looking to see before he thinks a woman is marriage material? Here are a few things men want in their life partner:


Sometimes men will ask for too much of this unconditionally, but a woman who backs a man up when he’s in a tough spot is one of the number one things a man is looking for. Whether he’s laid off and looking for a job, or has a crazy idea he’s thinking about pursuing, he wants to know that you’re in his corner.

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2. Trust

Everyone wants a partner they can trust, but men especially don’t like to give their secrets out. A woman he can share those parts of himself that he doesn’t want anyone else to know about? Perfect.

3. Someone who is willing to work on themselves

This is a two-way street. No one is perfect ( and lord knows too many men think they are), but men are looking for someone they can grow with. Sometimes this means both of you committing to the gym, or it could mean growing as a communicator. Either way, in a marriage, both of you need to continue to improve for yourselves and each other.

4. Someone he clicks with intimately

While your business between the sheets doesn’t have to be earth shattering every night, a lack of chemistry will not work in a long-term marriage.

5. Drive and Ambition

Just as much as you want a man who continues to strive for more, so does he expect the same from you. Having your own personal goals--in addition to goals as a couple--is a great way to support each other to success.

6. Someone with a solid circle of friends

This may sound odd, but something a man likes to see is a woman who can go out with her friends and have a good night. Everyone wants to be with someone who loves spending time with them, but a healthy relationship definitely requires a balance of great friends on both sides.

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Source: Cosmopolitan

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