Women Judge Men's Attractiveness Based On These 8 Physical Traits
Julianne Ishler

Dec 15 2015

Women Judge Men's Attractiveness Based On These 8 Physical Traits

Sure, the most attractive thing about a guy is his personality. But physical characteristics can be just as important, and can make or break whether a woman will date someone. A compilation of studies found that women are most attracted to these physical characteristics in men.

1. Facial hair.

An Australian study found that men who have an "intermediate level of beardedness," a.k.a. facial stubble, were more attractive to women, as it correlates with masculinity and dominance.


2. Muscles, muscles and more muscles.

Men with a more muscular build were found to have more sexual partners. It's an indicator of having good, healthy genes to pass down. And obviously, they're nice to look at.


3. Guys who wear red.

The color red is a status symobl that has been around since the ancient Romans. Women are naturally attracted to men who wear red, as they see the man as a symbol of power, according to this study.


4. Symmetry.

Women are attracted to men who have strong symmetrical features, as it indicates good health and adaptability.


5. A prominent jawline.

Bone structure is shaped by testosterone, so the more defined the man's jawline is, the more masculine he will appear... thus making him more attractive.


6. Deep voice.

A deep voice is the sign of a good mate, because it indicates the man has more testosterone, and is therefor healthier. Women find men with deep voices to be more memorable.


7. The limbal ring in the eyes.

The limbal ring is the dark ring surrounding the iris. A darker and more pronounced limbal ring is a reflection of youth. It's no wonder then that people with blue or green eyes are more attractive to women, as it's easier to spot their limbal ring.


8. Tall men.

The taller the man, the more attractive he is according to multiple studies. Taller men have also been found to be more successful at mating - men without children are an average of 1.2 inches shorter than men with children.


Source: IFL Science

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